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Quad 33 Output Modules

Quad 33 Output Modules
Quad 33 Output Modules
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QUAD 33 OUTPUT MODULES - Improved version nov 2022

Give your vintage Quad 33 an instant upgrade by fitting our Quad 33 Output Modules.

Assembled using state of the art, modern surface mount opamps for the best sound quality and exceptional noise rejection, these modules improve bass, detail and give a more natural tonality.

Designed for ultimate fidelity, these output modules have no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. All electrolytic capacitors have a high quality PPS bypass for improved high frequency performance and sound quality.

  • On-board discrete, low-noise, shunt voltage regulation. Each module has independent voltage regulation. This isolation means less cross-contamination of the power supplies, lower cross-talk and improved channel separation. 
  • Burr Brown SMT State of the Art OPA1611 Audio Opamps for superb audio fidelity and extremely high noise rejection.
  • Mixture of surface mount and through hole components allows for optimum signal routing and tuned for best sound quality.
  • Class A Low Noise JFet Output Buffers  for improved dynamic performance
  • Nichicon Electrolytic Capactiors
  • Quality PPS Bypass Capacitors
  • Dedicated Ground Plane Shield for superb noise-rejection and shielding of the sensitive audio signals
  • Ready Assembled and Tested
  • Zero (unity) Gain allows use of modern sources - Other gain settings are available, please contact us for more options.

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