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Marantz Voltage Regulator Modules

Brand: Red Hill Audio Model: Marantz CD10 Voltage Regulator Upgrade Module
To fit the module, you don't even need to remove the lid! Simply unplug your machine from the mains, give it a few minutes for the circuits to fully discharge and then remove the two screws on the rear panel holding the heatsink. Next you just reach inside, undo the connector and remove th..
Brand: Red Hill Audio Model: Marantz CD94 CD95 Voltage Regulator Upgrade Module
We have developed this extremely easy to fit, and incredibly effective upgrade module for the Marantz CD94, CD94II & CD95 cd player.Replacing the three main voltage regulators (7812, 7912 & 7505) with low noise, discrete versions developed from our Clarity HC circuits brings huge, in..
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