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Quad 33 PSU

Quad 33 PSU
Quad 33 PSU
Quad 33 PSU
Quad 33 PSU
Quad 33 PSU
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  • Product Code: Quad 33 PSU
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 88.00cm x 64.00cm x 45.00cm

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Quad 33 PSU

The vintage Quad 33 is capable of incredible transparency. It is a fully discrete design, containing no opamps. Whilst this can bring benefits in transparency and detail, it also means it is incredibly sensitive to power supply noise. To combat this issue (and due to a great many requests from customers) we have developed a custom power supply board (PSU). This new Quad 33 PSU uses an on-board, low-noise toroidal transformer, high quality capacitors and optional discrete, low-noise voltage regulation.

With the Quad 33 Low Noise PSU fitted you will hear exceptional timing, massively improved levels of detail allied to a delicate treble reproduction and extended bass.

Dynamics are improved too as are sound-staging, separation, depth and realism.

For even more gains in sound quality, be sure to select the our Low-Noise Discrete "Clarity-HC" Voltage Regulation.

  • Low-noise toroidal transformer
  • Low ESR Smoothing Capacitors
  • 7812 On-board Voltage Regulator - Upgradeable to Clarity HC Low-Noise Discrete Regulator
  • Elna Cerafine Post Regulation Capacitor
  • Quality PPS Bypass Capacitors
  • Ground Plane Shield
  • Led indication
  • 88mm x 64mm
  • Ready Assembled and Tested
  • Includes Screws, Standoffs and Spacers
  • Detailed Instruction Sheet

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