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Quad 34 Upgrade - Stage 2

Quad 34 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 34 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 34 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 34 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 34 Upgrade - Stage 2
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  • Product Code: Quad 34 Upgrade - Stage 2
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The Stage 2 Upgrade replaces the original, undersized power supply with a far superior, higher current and massively lower noise psu. The new power supply arrangement has dedicated positive & negative supplies replacing the original noisy "rail splitter" type. The transformer is replaced with a larger, higher current toroidal type which has better regulation. Much larger, Elna Cerafine smoothing capacitors remove more ripple from the voltage rails. The addition of our discrete low-noise voltage regulators really improves all aspects of the performance.

You hear a much more detailed and cleaner sound combined with more clarity and smoothness. Non of the graininess of the original design remains. Bass and dynamics are dramatically improved.

Overall, a huge step-up in performance.


  • Greatly improved, high quality toroidal transformer
  • Elna Cerafine Smoothing Capacitors
  • Dedicated power supplies for + & - voltage rails
  • Discrete low-noise voltage regulators
  • Elna Cerafine decoupling capacitors
  • Panasonic PPS PSU Bypass Capacitors
  • Solid Film MKS signal path capacitors
  • Unnecessary signal path capacitors bypassed for reduced grain
  • LME4910NA/LM4562NA National Semi Opamps
  • Additional Elna Cerafine Power Supply Decoupling Capacitors

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