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Quad Artera Stereo Upgrade - Stage 1

Quad Artera Stereo Upgrade - Stage 1
Quad Artera Stereo Upgrade - Stage 1
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  • Product Code: Quad Artera Stereo Upgrade - Stage 1
  • Weight: 15.00kg

Quad Artera amplifiers represent one of the best hifi bargains around. With their roots in the amazing 405, the circuit has been refined for improved sound-quality.

With a large transformer and space for larger power smoothing capacitors it is a robust sounding candidate for upgrade.

With our upgrades applied, the Quad Artera gets smoother, slightly more detailed and has more air & space around instruments. The improved and additional capacitors remove more noise and ripple from the power rails improving every aspect of the sound. You get greater transparency and a cleaner sound which keeps you listening for long periods with no listening fatigue.


  • Massive 15,000uF Mundorf MLytic AG Low-ESR/ESL power supply smoothing capacitors
  • Elna Cerafine audio-grade electrolytic capacitors
  • Additional High Quality PPS Film Capacitor decoupling added
  • Improved signal-path wire using our Super-Silver OFC
  • Silvered Mica Capacitors

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