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Quad 606 MK1 Upgrade - Stage 1

Quad 606 MK1 Upgrade - Stage 1
Quad 606 MK1 Upgrade - Stage 1
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Quad 606 amplifiers represent one of the best hifi bargains around. With its roots in the amazing 405, the circuit has been refined for improved sound-quality.

With a large transformer and space for larger power smoothing capacitors it is a robust sounding candidate for upgrade.

With our upgrades applied, the Quad 606 gets smoother, slightly more detailed and has more air & space around instruments. The improved and additional capacitors remove more noise and ripple from the power rails improving every aspect of the sound. You get greater transparency and a cleaner sound which keeps you listening for long periods with no listening fatigue.

We also restore the transformer to it's original spec by removing the by now disintegrating foam and replacing it with Acrylic strips.


  • Mundorf MLytic AG Low-ESR/ESL power supply smoothing capacitors
  • Elna Cerafine audio-grade electrolytic capacitors
  • Additional High Quality PPS Film Capacitor decoupling added
  • Improved signal-path wire using Studio-Grade Shielded OFC Cable
  • Replace disintegrated transformer foam with Acrylic strips

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