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Quad 306 Upgrade - Stage 1

Quad 306 Upgrade - Stage 1
Quad 306 Upgrade - Stage 1
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  • Product Code: Quad 306 Upgrade - Stage 1
  • Weight: 8.00kg

A much under estimated little amp, the Quad 306 is a great performer even in standard form; punchy and more detailed than a standard 405 to these ears.

With an upgrade applied however, it really is a great sounding amp.

As always, replacing the ageing original electrolytic capacitors improves all areas of the sound. We fit larger power supply smoothing caps for improved bass response and generally more clarity and definition.


  • Much larger F&T Cap Low-ESR/ESL power supply smoothing capacitors
  • Elna Cerafine audio-grade electrolytic capacitors
  • Additional, high-quality Panasonic PPS film capacitor decoupling added to remove noise from critical areas
  • High-Current Binding Posts

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