Mains Filters & Purifiers

Dirty Electricity or Mains Noise

The quality of the electricity we use in our homes and places of work has gone down significantly. The electricity supply is now far more polluted than it ever was previously, via a myriad of WiFi, SMPS (switch mode power supplies – wal wart), Industry power drain, communication devices, monitoring signals that are now loaded into the mains wiring.

All the wires in our homes are now increasingly leaking high voltage high frequency spikes. Many modern electrical appliances such as Routers, Blu Ray players, TVs, dimmer switches, low energy light bulbs, Pc and laptop computers pollute the house and neighbourhood via the local wiring. Most of this is backward noise generated by SMPS power supplies. Dirty Electricity or Mains Noise may be new to you but it is probably the most recently recognised form of Electromagnetic pollution. It is still quite poorly understood, but a good description would be radio frequency on the wires created by poor supplies and by your own and often your immediate neighbours hi tech electronics.

Electricity is supposed to flow in its original sine wave form, but increasingly our appliances mess with it as complicated micro chips get in its way or we limit its path with dimmer switches, SMPS or clever low energy light bulbs steal the power from the peak of the wave. These type of actions (RF radiation) create reverberations that travel back along the formerly clean wires (just like the ripple in a pond when dropping in a pebble) that are supposed just to carry the clean 50 Hz signal creating a mechanism for previously local electric and magnetic fields to invade living spaces. All of this impacts on the quality of your HiFi and home cinema performance.

A range of mains purifiers / filters to suppress ‘Dirty Electricity’ caused by mains-borne noise, high voltage transients and surges.

Plug these mains filters in next to your system and it will create a “noise free” area around it. You will hear more detail and see better pictures. Use more filters and the benefits will accumulate with the mains becoming cleaner still. Each filter is designed and built in house and made to order, no cloak and daggers just good quality filters at a sensible price!

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  • Fidelity Audio NNUX Mains Cable
    Designed specifically to work with the NNUX mains purifiers these cables are constructed using thick, high grade silver plated OFC copper. Not only do we use high quality conductors for Live and Neutral but we also understand the Earth conductor is just as important when using filters & purif..
  • Fidelity Audio No Noise HF Mains Purifier
    NEW - Improved with 5 poles of articulation ​The No Noise HF filter is designed to work in conjunction with our other filters by filtering out much higher frequency noise such as RFI. It is designed to work in the 100kHz to 2.4GHz band improving fine treble and leading edge attack on instrum..
  • Fidelity Audio No Noise Ultra SE Mains Purifier
    The performance has been improved further by fitting higher spec audio-grade common mode and differential mode capacitors (tighter tolerances) a single point HF Filter (2.4Ghz) aided further by a single pole spike protection. This really is the crème de la crème of plug-in mains filters. No Noise..
  • Fidelity Audio No Noise Ultra X High Frequency Mains Filter
    The Fidelity Audio NNU X HF Mains Filter is designed with 32 filter points along with 3000 Amp spike protection all housed in a EMI /RFI shielded case. Targeting and removing High Frequency Noise from your mains supply helps your system perform to its full potential. Micro detail is res..
  • Fidelity Audio No Noise Ultra X High Frequency SE Mains Filter
    Fidelity Audio No Noise Ultra X High Frequency SE Mains Filter is designed with 64 filter points along with 3000 Amp spike protection all housed in a EMI /RFI shielded case. This is achieved by adding an extra HF circuit in the case Targeting and removing High Frequency Noise ..
  • Fidelity Audio No Noise Ultra X mk2 Mains Purifier
    The Fidelty Audio NN Ultra X MK2 Mains Purifier has 6X more noise filtering than the NNU SE housed in a custom case with EMI / RFI shielding. The NN Ultra X MK2 Mains Purifier gives even greater mains noise reduction, allowing you hear an impressively natural sound, with much greater dynamics and ba..