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Pioneer A400 Upgrade - Stage 3

Pioneer A400 Upgrade - Stage 3
Pioneer A400 Upgrade - Stage 3
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The Pioneer A400 Amplifier is capable of fantastic sound-quality.

Once upgraded you get a smooth sounding amp, with terrific levels of detail. Bass punch & dynamics are improved dramatically too. The re-worked mains cabling opens the sound up further, resulting a more realistic, cleaner midrange and treble.

The Stage 3 Upgrade builds on the Stage 2 upgrade by adding in an active audio buffer to the signal path. This active buffer "drives" the volume pot, and dramatically reduces the load on your source(s) output stage.


  • Red Hill Audio Mini-Pre Active Preamp Modules Fitted
  • Mini Pre Modules upgraded to 'HA' Version
  • 2 x Red Hill Audio "Clarity-R" Voltage Regulators for Preamp Stage
  • Power supply capacitors are improved to the superb F&T or Mundorf
  • Signal path capacitors are replaced with lower-distortion film types.
  • IEC Mains Socket Fitted
  • Mains wiring replaced with Red Hill Audio Clarity Mains
  • Elna Cerafine audio-grade electrolytic PSU decoupling capacitors
  • Additional Panasonic PPS decoupling capacitors improves bass impact and gives a more open and airy treble
  • Additional Elna Cerafine and Panasonic PPS capacitors in critical areas allows the amp to respond to dynamic changes in the music with ease

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