The effects of EMI & RFI are being increasingly noticed because of the huge numbers of switched mode power supplies and wireless technology.

These noisy devices pollute the mains electricity supply, and also bombard your sensitve hifi.

Use these absorbing and shielding materials to combat these effects for a more natural sound. You'll hear more realistic instruments and a warmer, fuller bass.

Two things that effect the performance of your HiFi system are RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference). ‘Magic Cloth’ and ‘ Magic Pads’ are cost effective tweaks that will allow your system to work to its full potential

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  • Magic Cloth 250mm x 250mm
    Magic Cloth 250mm x 250mm The ‘Magic Cloth’ suppresses sound quality degrading RFI / EMI The ‘Magic Cloth’ is a complex poly-fibre construction that has been metalized with Copper (CU) and Nickel (NI) resulting in a huge reduction in RFI/EMI noise. The figures speak for themselves! At 0.3mm th..
  • Magic Pad EMI RFI Absorber
    The ‘Magic Pad’ absorbs audio degrading EMI / RFI   This wonderfully clever product not only shields from high frequencies, they also absorb it by converting the signal into heat. Because of this absorbtion, there is no noisy reflection back into the sensitive circuits required for p..