'Timing is the essence of musicality and without an accurate and low-noise clock in your cd player, dac or music streamer you will never hear the original performance as it was intended'

Fidelity Audio offer precision, low-jitter clocks to upgrade your digital source. The standard clock reference inside most CD / DVD & Blu Ray players is woefully inadequate offering at best a mediocre jitter performance.

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  • Fidelity Audio C2 Clock
    Fidelity Audio C2 Clock The Fidelity Audio C2 has a Very Low Noise Power Supply providing a very low-jitter, stable clock reference for digital sources. Using bespoke "SPower" Voltage regulation, the C2 provides the ideal replacement to the manufacturers' clock in your CD / SACD / BLURA..
  • Fidelity Audio C3 Clock
    Fidelity Audio C3 Low Jitter Clock The Fidelity Audio C3 has a Super Low Noise Power Supply. Using the same technology as the "SPower 'D'" discrete regulator with an improved circuit layout, the C3 provides the ideal replacement to the manufacturers' clock in your CD / SACD / BLURAY & DVD pla..
  • Fidelity Audio C4 Uber Clock
    Fidelity Audio C4 Uber Clock Further development over the C3 clock is done by optimizing the circuit layout and adding input filtration, this vastly reduces noise (pollution) entering and leaving the clock aiding performance of both the clock and the unit it is connected too. The Vref circuit has..
  • Fidelity Audio Microclock 2
    The Micro Clock 2 has undergone some serious surgery around its power supply. The clock now has the SPower 'D' discrete regulation fitted. The noise-floor on the power supply is much lower allowing the oscillators to perform more accurately. The Micro Clock 2 is designed and developed for use ..