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Audiolab 8000a 8000s Upgrade - Stage 1

Audiolab 8000a 8000s Upgrade - Stage 1
Audiolab 8000a 8000s Upgrade - Stage 1
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  • Product Code: Audiolab 8000a 8000s Upgrade - Stage 1
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The Audiolab 8000a amplifier design has changed little since the 1980's. It is dependable, reliable and produces great sound which suits a wide variety of music and systems.

Over time however, the ageing capacitors do start to affect sound quality somewhat and in some cases it can cause reliability issues.

The design is a good one, but with our upgrades to components both in the power supply and signal path your Audiolab 8000a will sound better than the day it left the factory.

Our Audiolab upgrades are designed to release the hidden potential of your amplifier.

The Audiolab 8000a, 8000s & 8200a amplifier circuits are very similar, meaning the same upgrade applies to all three units.


  • Replacement of the main power supply electrolytic capacitors to Mundorf MLytic
  • Local decoupling capacitors are upgraded to the new Elna Cerafine
  • Signal path capacitors upgraded to solid-film types rather than the sound-degrading electrolytic types fitted as standard
  • Phono sockets replaced
  • Phono stage upgrades also available

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