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Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2

Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2
Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2
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  • Product Code: Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 2
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The vintage Quad 405 is still a great sounding amplifier, combining the very best of Quads' legendary design skills and build quality. As with all old hi-fi though, the capacitors inside the Quad 405 will be getting pretty long in the tooth. Electrolytic capacitors really only have a lifespan of around ten to fifteen years, after which the electrolyte dries out, the esr goes up, and the all important sound quality goes down. This degredation in sound quality is so slow and steady, that the owner may not notice the change until it reaches a critical level. Simply replacing the electrolytic capacitors will rejuvenate your Quad 405. In fact, using todays high-quality components, your Quad 405 will sound better than the day it left the factory, and more than capable of showing many modern amplifiers a thing or two!

A complete overhaul of the Quad 405 featuring the finest components available

**NEW 2016 - Dual Mono Power Supply Board is now fitted featuring the superb Mundorf MLytic AG Capacitors**

Listed below is a shortlist of work done for this Stage 2 Upgrade. The end-result is a more open, controlled sound with warmer and more natural tonality. Voices and instruments sound more lifelike and alive.


  • Red Hill Audio Quad 405 Dual Mono Power Supply Circuit Board
  • 4 x FT Cap smoothing capacitors
  • Power Cabling Upgraded to Red Hill Audio Teflon Insulated Silver Plated Copper
  • Audio Grade Elna Cerafine local decoupling capacitors
  • Panasonic PPS Bypass Capacitors
  • Input stage improved using LME49710NA National Semi Opamps for much better sound quality
  • Additional Elna Cerafine Opamp decoupling for reduced input stage power supply noise
  • Additional PPS Opamp decoupling capacitors for reduced power supply noise
  • High Quality Binding Posts
  • Output signal wiring upgraded using Kimber Copper
  • RCA Sockets
  • Studio-Grade input cabling
  • Silvered Mica 1% capacitors

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