Meridian Upgrades

One of the great British audio manufacturers, Meridian has been building high quality audio equipment for a long time.

As always, the older amplifiers are by now needing a service, whilst the newer equipment benefits hugely from an upgrade.

We present a range of service and upgrade options for many Meridian models.

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  • Meridian 103 Upgrade Stage 1
    Meridian 103 Upgrade Stage 1 Once upgraded you will hear more clarity and definition. Bass becomes more natural too. We use only high quality components, chosen not only for reliability but also for how they affect sound quality. Mundorf Power Supply Capacitors Elna Cerafine Decoupling..
  • Meridian 500 CD Transport Upgrade
    Meridian 500 CD Transport Upgrade The potential hidden within these transports really is incredible. Improving the accuracy of the internal clocks reduces jitter enormously. This in turn releases so much more detail, clarity and subtle tonal nuances which really engrosses you in the music. ..
  • Meridian G68 Linear Power Supply
    Meridian G68 Linear Power Supply A truly superb upgrade, fitting our massive Linear Power Supply brings huge benefits. Price is inclusive of Fitting & Testing. Deeper, more controlled and better textured bass Bigger dynamics More definition & clarity More realistic soundfield ..