Audio Innovations Upgrades

Audio Innovations Upgrades & Servicing. Send in your Audio Innovations Valve amplifier for an incredible boost in sound-quality.

Due to the age of these amplifiers, it is highly recommended that you get them serviced quickly. Of course, we can do this for you; alternatively why not have the internal components upgraded for a huge improvement in sound quality?

The upgrades focus on improving the power supply & signal path for incredible improvements in clarity, definition and overall musicality.

  • You will hear a deeper and more controlled bass which has far better texture
  • Mids open up and become more realistic, whilst retaining fluidity and grace
  • Treble becomes more open, detailed & separated but remain sweet and realistic
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  • Audio Innovations Series 500 Upgrade - Stage 1
    Audio Innovations Series 500 Upgrade - Stage 1 (Service) The Stage 1 upgrade services your amplifier, replacing all electrolytic capacitors with new. Any key resistors are also checked and replaced where necessary. Service & Upgrade your treasured Audio Innovations Series 500 amplifier for..
  • Audio Innovations Series 500 Upgrade - Stage 2
    Audio Innovations Series 500 Upgrade - Stage 2 The Stage 2 upgrade improves sound quality over Stage 1 by quite some margin. Send in your series 500 for our Stage 2 upgrade and you'll be surprised at how much more agile, dynamic and open it sounds. Solid film capcitors in the power suppl..