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Fidelity Audio

Brand: Fidelity Audio Model: Fidelity Audio C4 Uber Clock
FIDELITY AUDIO C4 UBER CLOCKFurther development over the C3 clock is done by optimizing the circuit layout and adding input filtration, this vastly reduces noise (pollution) entering and leaving the clock aiding performance of both the clock and the unit it is connected too. The Vref circuit has had..
Brand: Fidelity Audio Model: Fidelity Audio DM1 CD SACD Demagnetiser Enhancer
The DM1 is Hand-Built in the UK with a custom-built high quality UK designed coil / transformer and is designed to be used with CD, SACD, XRCD, SHMCD, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and eliminates Magnetism and static charge build up. We have designed the DM1 with a second demagnetisation cycle at a d..
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