Fidelity Audio Linear Low Noise PSU

Fidelity Audio Linear Low Noise PSU

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Fidelity Audio Linear Low Noise PSU

Linear Power Supply - The perfect upgrade from the noisy Switched Mode Power Suply or SMPS supplied with many Phono Stages, Dacs etc.

Although we specialise in very low noise power supplies, we do understand that not everybody requires such an advanced power supply. This lead us to develop a more standard type linear psu to suit different needs and / or budgets.

Instead of super-low-noise custom SPower regulator cicruits, we have used good quality (off the shelf) regulators (just like our competitors do). However, we have utilised some non-standard techniques to reduce their output noise and have still addressed the circuit layout and capacitor choice to keep the noise as low as possible.

PSU Specs:-

  • Linear (regulated) psu
  • 30VA Toroidal Transformer
  • Dual standard regulators
  • Carefully chosen capacitors
  • 1.5 Amps Output Current capability
  • Green LED

    DC PLUG GUIDE – B x A (5.5mm x 2.1mm)

    dc plug dimensions

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