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Fidelity Audio DM1 CD SACD Demagnetiser Enhancer

Fidelity Audio DM1 CD SACD Demagnetiser Enhancer
Fidelity Audio DM1 CD SACD Demagnetiser Enhancer
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  • Product Code: Fidelity Audio DM1 CD SACD Demagnetiser Enhancer
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The DM1 is Hand-Built in the UK with a custom-built high quality UK designed coil / transformer and is designed to be used with CD, SACD, XRCD, SHMCD, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and eliminates Magnetism and static charge build up.

We have designed the DM1 with a second demagnetisation cycle at a different frequency as we find this offers optimal performance. Each demagnetizing cycle on the DM1 takes approx 10 seconds.  You will hear greater clarity, focus and a substantially lower noise floor all allowing greater dynamics. The effect on the audio is similar to that of re-clocking.

Also on Bluray and DVD discs, the improvement can be profound, offering superb improvements to the picture and audio.


  • Powerful demagnetiser
  • 2x Demagnetisation cycle frequencies
  • Reduces Error Correction in cd player (reducing Jitter)
  • Custom-designed coil / transformer, hand built in the UK
  • Custom-designed casework
  • Mains Filter (common mode)
  • IEC mains input
  • On/Off switch
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 50mm x 150mm WHD
  • Weight: 1.25kg
  • Suitable for mains voltages of 230V/ 50Hz
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Works on cables and fuses too
  • Recommended for use with systems higher than budget level. The better the system the larger the gains!

Diagram (below) depicts the relationship between the amplitude collapse (magnetic strength) and frequency over time when performing a demag of a cd.

Diagram (below) shows the difference in the audio waveforms between demagnetised and non demagnetised (click to enlarge).

  • Ripped Nils Lofgren - Keith don't go (WAV Lossless).
  • Burnt to two high quality CDR (x8 native to the drive).
  • Demagnetised one disc and not the other.
  • Ripped both CDR as (WAV Lossless).
  • Loaded the files into a .WAV editor.
On such a simple test you can clearly see the peaks in the music are better defined on the demagnetised rip and this comes across in the music with the start stop of instruments easy to hear. Seperation through out the recording is better and easier to listen too.

Why demagnetize a Disc?

Often talked about is 'how can aluminium be magnetised' ? 

Aluminium is non magnetic and the effects are mainly electro magnetic. Aluminium when moved near a magnetic field creates electrical fields and these electrical fields create more magnetism along with Eddy Currents that will effect the sensitive coils of the laser. This does not explain where the magnetism comes from when your disc is just in its case though.

The disc is mainly made from polycarbonate and aluminum but there are other materials / chemicals involved too (ferromagnetic materials). Inks used on the printed disc label (carbon based) and even the aluminum substrate itself may contain materials that can pick up and store a magnetic charge. This can happen as the disc is moved in and out of the case or even in the CD transport itself as the disc is spun at high speeds. You also have EMI / RFI mixed into the equation. The benefits of demagnetization can be heard on all audio and video discs providing your system is good enough. Computer / Console 'data' discs will not benefit from demagnetising as the data processing is quite different from CD players.

Turn on DM1 (Switch at rear)
The unit will have a Blue led at the front
Make sure the front switch is set to 0
Place disc print side up on the DM1
Set switch to I (Led turns Pink)
After approx 10 seconds the led will turn back to Blue
Set switch back to 0
Turn disc over (print side down)
Set switch to II (Led turns
After approx 10 seconds the led will turn back to
Set Switch back to 0
Remove disc and play

Note - Leave the unit 10 mins approx until the next usage to make sure each demag is optimal.

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