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Audiolab 8000P Upgrade - Stage 1

Audiolab 8000P Upgrade - Stage 1
Audiolab 8000P Upgrade - Stage 1
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  • Product Code: Audiolab 8000P Upgrade - Stage 1
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The Audiolab 8000p is a great amplifier. It is mostly held back by the quality components both in the power supply and signal path. You may not notice the slight edginess and lack of air and space around the top end - until it's gone!

Our upgrades begin by addressing these issues to release the hidden potential inside your amplifier.

Once upgraded you will hear more detail, clarity and definition. The detail is presented within a very natural and expansive soundstage, with more realistic and natural textures to instruments. Bass is much more defined and separated allowing bass lines in the musical structure to be more easily followed. In a nutshell the end result is just more of everything but with a natural presentation and flow which keeps you listening for hours.

Audiolab 8000P Upgrade - Stage 1

  • Upgrade main power supply electrolytic capacitors to FT Cap SI or Mundorf MLytic
  • Local decoupling capacitors are upgraded to the new Elna Cerafine
  • Additional Panasonic PPS bypass Capacitors to help HF performance

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