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Arcam Alpha 8 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 2

Arcam Alpha 8 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 2
Arcam Alpha 8 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 2
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  • Product Code: Arcam Alpha 8 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 2
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With our Arcam Alpha 8 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 2 applied, this cd player really comes into it's own.

We begin by addressing the real achilles heal of this player in stock form: The power supply. The original transformer is under-sized, causing the voltage rails to sag under load. This affects the sound quality, producing a ploddy, and muddled sound when the music gets busy. To combat this we fit a new transformer for the main analogue supplies. We then add two new power supply circuit boards which allow the use of the excellent Mundorf MLytic smoothing capacitors.

Building on the Stage 1 upgrade, Stage 2 Upgrade adds a superb Low-Jitter Clock and further improves the local decoupling capacitors on the main dac and output stage circuit board.

We also replace the main power supplies with dedicated, custom designed low-noise discrete power supplies.


  • New large toroidal transformer for analogue supplies
  • 1 x Dual Power Supply
  • Local decoupling capacitors are upgraded to the new Elna Cerafine
  • PPS bypass capacitors added to improve high-frequency performance
  • Elna Cerafine Analogue Stage Capacitors
  • Wima MKS Film Signal Path Capacitors
  • Oscon SEPC Solid Polymer Digital Capacitors


  • Red Hill Audio Pulsar Low Jitter Clock
  • +5v Quintessence Voltage Regulator - Dac
  • Quintessence Discrete Low Noise Voltage Regulators for Output Stage +/-18v

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