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Audio Innovations 500 Upgrade - Stage 2

Audio Innovations 500 Upgrade - Stage 2
Audio Innovations 500 Upgrade - Stage 2
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  • Product Code: Audio Innovations 500 Upgrade - Stage 2
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The Stage 1 upgrade services your amplifier, replacing all electrolytic capacitors with new. Any key resistors are also checked and replaced where necessary.

Service & Upgrade your treasured Audio Innovations Series 500 amplifier for an immediate increase in detail, clarity and definition with improved dynamics.

With our upgrades applied, the already superb Series 500 becomes altogether more impressive. The sound opens up further, becomes very dynamic and has oodles of detail. Of course, non of this comes at the expense of realistic tonal information which is also improved.

The Stage 2 upgrade improves sound quality over Stage 1 by quite some margin.

    Send in your series 500 for our Stage 2 upgrade and you'll be surprised at how much more agile, dynamic and open it sounds.

    • FT Cap main smoothing capacitors
    • Elna Cerafine Cathode bypass capacitors (These new versions are very close to Black Gates in sound quality)
    • F&T PSU decoupling capacitors
    • High quality Nichicon, Rubycon & Vishay electrolytic capacitors for power supply decoupling
    • General health check
    • TKD Volume Pot
    • Audionote Balance Pot
    • Silver Plated OFC Teflon signal cable

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