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Arcam Alpha 9 Amplifier Upgrade Stage 2

Arcam Alpha 9 Amplifier Upgrade Stage 2
Arcam Alpha 9 Amplifier Upgrade Stage 2
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Taking things even further, the Arcam Alpha 9 Integrated Amplifier Upgrade Stage 2​ adds our discrete low-noise voltage regulators for the input stage to bring a much more polished, sweeter & cleaner soundstage.

Our Stage 2 upgrade includes:

  • Replacement of the main power supply electrolytic capacitors to Mundorf MLytic
  • Local decoupling capacitors are upgraded to the new Elna Cerafine
  • Additional Panasonic PPS Capacitors Added - Improves transparancy, detail and dynamics
  • Signal path capacitors improved
  • Input Stage Voltage Regulators replaced with our newly designed, dual stage regulation board. The addition of this enhanced voltage regulation stage improves detail, definition & clarity. The sound is more open and defined, and bass is improved too. You will hear layers of bass texture and definition that were previously hidden. Micro-dynamics are also dramatically improved, which really brings the music to life. All of these improvements are combined with a wonderfully smooth and sweet treble which keeps you listening for hours.


Voltage Regulator PSU Specs:

  • Dual Supplies +15v, -15v
  • Dual Stage Regulation for lower noise & effective heat dissipation
  • Very low noise
  • Discrete Voltage Regulation
  • High PSU Noise Rejection (PSRR)
  • Audio Grade Elna Cerafine Capacitors
  • Panasonic PPS Supply Bypass Capacitors

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