Arcam Alpha 9 Alpha 10 Phono Stage Module

Arcam Alpha 9 Alpha 10 Phono Stage Module

Brand: Red Hill Audio
Product Code: Arcam Alpha 9 10 Phono Stage
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Arcam Alpha 9 Alpha 10 Phono Stage Module

Featuring top quality components for the ultimate sound quality, our new phono stage module is a drop in replacement for the original phono stage and is also perfect for adding a phono stage to your amplifier.

Sound quality is very open, detailed and dynamic.

To improve sound quality even further, we can fit our discrete low noise voltage regulation module to replace the original, noisy regulation circuit.

  • Selectable Moving Coil & Moving Magnet capability
  • Moving Coil input features discrete, low noise JFet input stage
  • Burr Brown Low Noise Op Amps - LME49710
  • High Quality Nichicon capacitors
  • Panasonic PPS bypass capacitors
  • Optimised Ground Plane pcb layout for improved noise shielding / rejection.
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