Quad 66 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 2

Quad 66 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 2

Product Code: Quad 66 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 1
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The Quad 66 really benefits our upgrade packages.

An upgraded Quad 66 has more detail, more naturalness and improved tonality. Bass depth, definition and overall naturalness are improved markedly.

The Stage 2 Upgrade adds additional discrete, low-noise voltage regulators for key circuits further improving dynamics & realism.

Quad 66 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 2

  • Mundorf Low-ESR/ESL power supply smoothing capacitor
  • Rubycon Low-ESR power supply smoothing capacitors
  • Elna Cerafine analogue decoupling capacitors
  • Nichicon Muse Analogue decoupling capacitors
  • Panasonic Oscon SEPC Digital decoupling capacitors
  • Solid Film MKS signal path capacitors
  • Panasonic PPS bypass capacitors
  • LME4910NA/LM4562NA National Semi Opamps
  • Pulsar Ultra Low Jitter Clock
  • 1 x Quintessence +9v Ultra-Low Noise Voltage Regulator for Clock
  • 1 x Quintessence +5v Ultra-Low Noise Voltage Regulator for Digital Filter (SAA7220)
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