Quad 34 Preamp Upgrade - Stage 3

Quad 34 Preamp Upgrade - Stage 3

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Quad 34 Preamp Upgrade - Stage 3 replaces the original, undersized power supply with our offboard, low noise psu. The new power supply arrangement has dedicated positive & negative supplies replacing the original noisy "rail splitter" type.

The transformer is replaced with a larger, higher current toroidal type which has better regulation. Much larger, FT-Cap / Mundorf low esr smoothing capacitors remove more ripple from the voltage rails and the voltage regulation is an enhanced version of our discrete low-noise Quintessence voltage regulators.

You hear a much more detailed and cleaner sound combined with more clarity and smoothness. Non of the graininess of the original design remains. Bass, dynamics, openness are dramatically improved and the sound becomes much more natural and realisic.

A massive step-up in performance.

Quad 34 Preamp Upgrade - Stage 3

  • External, Low Noise PSU
  • High quality toroidal transformer
  • Mundorf Mlytic AG Smoothing Capacitors
  • Dedicated power supplies for + & - votlage rails
  • Enhanced Quintessence discrete low-noise voltage regulation
  • Elna Cerafine decoupling capacitors

Red Hill Audio Quintessence Quad 34 Power SupplyRed Hill Audio Offboard Power Supply for Quad 34

  • Internal Upgrades:
  • Elna Cerafine decoupling capacitors
  • Solid Film MKS signal path capacitors
  • Unnecessary signal path capacitors bypassed for reduced grain
  • LME4910NA/LM4562NA National Semi Opamps
  • Additional Elna Cerafine Power Supply Decoupling Capacitors
  • Panasonic PPS Power Supply Bypass Capacitors
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