Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Power Supplies

A range of power supplies from Red Hill Audio and Fidelity Audio.

There are now a great many to choose from for almost any application.

  • High Current, Low-Noise +5A Capable
  • Lower Current, Super Low-Noise
  • Replace many plug top supplies with these amazing super-low noise PSU's
  • Dimensions – 221mm x 176mm x 58mm (LxWxH)

Fidelity Audio:-

Our new PSU offers even lower noise than before and are housed in a new case. The new psu enables us to fine tune even further for the equipment it will supply. There are different current options to choose from as well as the usual ones for dedicated equipment such as Sonos, Arcam, Musical Fidelity etc

Fidelity Audio's SPower derived low noise Linear Power Supplies have been built with no compromise. From the 2oz copper pcb to the customizable low noise Spower circuit using only the finest quality components, our power supplies are designed to exceed your expectations.

Power Supplies

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