Power - The fuel that runs your hifi system. Enhance the performance of your whole system using these fantastic products.

Instantly cleaner & clearer sound.

Plug & play, easy to use and no hassle upgrade to any system.

Removing mains bourne noise brings more natural warmth, opens up and sweetens the top end and generally makes your hifi listening more enjoyable for longer periods.

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Quad 405 Stage 1 ...
«Quad 405 amplifier sounds better now its more musical would recommend upgrade to everyone»

M Kabir

Audiolab 8000a
Dear Lee, 
I’ve been meaning to drop you a quick email to say thank you once again for fixing the old Audiolab amp. It arrived saf ...»

Peter M...

Quad 306 Stage 1 ...
Hi Lee

Ive been playing the quad 306 power amp after getting it back off you today, sounds really a lot better, clearer and its  ...»

Steve A...

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