Fidelity Audio SPower Negative Regulator

Fidelity Audio SPower Negative Regulator

Brand: Fidelity Audio
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Fidelity Audio SPower Negative Regulator

High power low noise, fast response voltage regulators. These top-quality devices are drop-in replacements for 3-pin “TO-220″ regulators, as can be found in almost any CD player.

These regulators are comparable with well known low noise regulators 2-3 X the price!

  • SPower regulators offer superior performance over standard OEM parts
  • low noise output and fast speed
  • Designed to replace the standard 3 pin T0-220 voltage regulators found in CD , DVD players and some pre-amplifiers
  • high current capabilities (>5amps when used with appropriate heatsink)
  • available in +/- 3.3 , 5 , 8 , 9 , 11 , 12 , 15, 18 & 24V (if you can’t see a voltage you require please ask)
  • 36V max input voltage
  • 4V dropout
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