Red Hill Audio Claro Voltage Regulators

Red Hill Audio Claro Voltage Regulators

Brand: Red Hill Audio
Product Code: RHA-CLARO-POS
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Price: £45.00

Red Hill Audio "Claro" Positive Voltage Regulators

A drop-in replacement for 78** series voltage regulators in many situations. Our new, fully discrete & super low noise positive voltage regulators bring impressive improvements to overall clarity, detail, openness, neutrality and three-dimensionality.

Lowering noise on power supply rails is a tried and tested method to improve sound quality and improve your listening experience.

Preliminary Specs:-

  • 78** Pin Compatible
  • Available in +3.3v - +18v
  • 800mA Rated
  • Maximum Vin = 30v
  • Super-low generated noise
  • Fully discrete, 
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