Red Hill Audio Clarity V2 Positive Voltage Regulator

Red Hill Audio Clarity V2 Positive Voltage Regulator

Brand: Red Hill Audio
Product Code: RHA-CLARIY2-POS
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Red Hill Audio Clarity V2 Positive Voltage Regulator

Taking our super-low-noise Voltage Reference Circuit design from the Quintessence Regulator, this development of the old Clarity v1 is a significant improvement over our older designs. Noise is lower, meaning the regulators provide a clean supply to the circuits in your Dac, CD Player, Streamer, Preamp etc.

You will hear more clarity, detail and separation. Subtle nuances are revealed in the music and the whole sound becomes more natural and richly textured.

Newly developed for use in our upgrade packages, this new design is quite simply the finest small form voltage regulator we have ever produced. The circuit layout is highly optimised for low-noise, with particular attention paid to reducing noise on the voltage reference.

Lowering noise on power supply rails is a tried and tested method to improve sound quality and improve your listening experience.


  • Available in +3.3v - +35v
  • 800mA Rated
  • Maximum Vin = +45v
  • Super-low generated noise
  • Super Low Noise Voltage Reference
  • Low-noise error amp
  • TO220 drop-in replacement 
  • 15 x 42mm

Please specify which voltage you require when ordering

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