Low Noise Linear PSU

Low Noise Linear PSU

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Low Noise Linear PSU

For use in upgrading CD Players, Dacs, Preamps & Phono Stages we have developed a custom power supply board (PSU). This new PSU uses an on-board, low-noise toroidal transformer, high quality FT Cap or Mundorf smoothing capacitor and discrete, low-noise voltage regulation.

With the Low Noise Linear PSU fitted you will hear exceptional timing, massively improved levels of detail allied to a delicate treble reproduction and extended bass.

Dynamics are improved too as are sound-staging, separation, depth and realism.

  • Low-noise toroidal transformer
  • FT Cap or Mundorf MLytic AG
  • Onboard Clarity-R Discrete low noise regulation
  • Elna Cerafine Post Regulation Capacitor
  • Quality PPS Bypass Capacitors
  • Ground Plane Shield
  • Led Power Indication
  • 95mm x 70mm
  • Ready Assembled and Tested
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