Fidelity Audio C2 Clock

Fidelity Audio C2 Clock

Brand: Fidelity Audio
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Fidelity Audio C2 Clock

The Fidelity Audio C2 has a Very Low Noise Power Supply providing a very low-jitter, stable clock reference for digital sources. Using bespoke "SPower" Voltage regulation, the C2 provides the ideal replacement to the manufacturers' clock in your CD / SACD / BLURAY & DVD player or dac.

With the C2 fitted you will hear exceptional timing, massively improved levels of detail allied to a delicate treble reproduction and extended bass.

Dynamics are improved too as are sound-staging, separation, depth and realism.

The Fidelity Audio C2 represents an incredible value for money upgrade.

  • Accuracy: +/- 1ppm
  • Measured Jitter less than 6PS
  • Onboard SPower Discrete low noise regulation
  • Low ESR capacitors
  • High Precision Oscillator
  • Underside ground plane shield
  • Led indication
  • 7V to 15V supply voltage
  • 40mm x 22mm
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