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Amazing quality audio grade Filters, Modules, Parts and Components for DIY Enthusiasts.

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Fidelity Audio C2 Clock
Fidelity Audio C2 Clock The Fidelity Audio C2 has a Very Low Noise Power Supply providing a very low-jitter, stable clock reference for digital sources. Using bespoke "SPower" Voltage regulation, the C2 provides ..
Fidelity Audio C3 Clock
Fidelity Audio C3 Low Jitter Clock The Fidelity Audio C3 has a Super Low Noise Power Supply. Using the same technology as the "SPower 'D'" discrete regulator with an improved circuit layout, the C3 provides the ideal repla..
Fidelity Audio C4 Uber Clock
Fidelity Audio C4 Uber Clock Further development over the C3 clock is done by optimizing the circuit layout and adding input filtration, this vastly reduces noise (pollution) entering and leaving the clock aiding performan..
Fidelity Audio Microclock 2
The Micro Clock 2 has undergone some serious surgery around its power supply. The clock now has the SPower 'D' discrete regulation fitted. The noise-floor on the power supply is much lower allowing the oscillators to perfo..
Red Hill Audio Clarity V2 Positive Voltage Regulator
Red Hill Audio Clarity V2 Positive Voltage Regulator Taking our super-low-noise Voltage Reference Circuit design from the Quintessence Regulator, this development of the old Clarity v1 is a significant improvement ove..
Red Hill Audio Claro Voltage Regulators
Red Hill Audio "Claro" Positive Voltage Regulators A drop-in replacement for 78** series voltage regulators in many situations. Our new, fully discrete & super low noise positive voltage regulators bring impressive imp..
Red Hill Audio Claro-L2A DC Filter Module
Bringing more bass-warmth, texture and detail with no loss of dynamics or attack, the Claro-L DC Filter helps to remove HF noise from voltage rails in Preamps, CD Players, Dacs etc. Most inline filters have a high res..
Red Hill Audio Preamp Modules (Pair)
Designed to replace the "passive pot" preamp sections included in many commercial integrated amplifiers, Red Hill Audio Mini-Pre Preamp Modules utilise the finest quality components coupled with a highly optimised s..
Red Hill Audio Quintessence Positive Voltage Regulator
Red Hill Audio "Quintessence" Positive Voltage Regulators Newly developed for use in our upgrade packages, this totally new design is quite simply the finest voltage regulator we have ever produced. The circuit layout is h..
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