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Quad 405-2 stage one upgrade.
Hi Lee, must say that the upgrade was far more significant than I expected. As it was over 30 years old,and had not been serviced in that time,I was a little sceptical about the possible improvements but I was proved to be doubting on error. On turn on there was,an immediate my noticeable improvement in definition of,instruments within the sound-stage. Vocals and acoustic instruments just felt more natural. In the 24 hours,since things have got even better. On an old Donavan track I discovered for the first time that it,was not crap harmonica playing, it was decent playing of a crap harmonica. And I had heard that Trac dozens of times. Thanks so much for your work, can't wait to get the Arcam 10amp upgraded in the same way.
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Fred Gill East Yorkshire 14:23:02 07-19-2014