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Musical Fidelity Pre 3A
I recently purchased a twenty nine year old Musical Fidelity Pre 3A 
with separate power supply of unknown origin from ebay and sent it to 
Lee from Redhill Audio for renovation. I was previously using a 
Tidsbury Audio passive preamp-a steal at £130 but not really in keeping 
with the rest of my system which comprises an old but heavily modified 
Linn LP12 with DC motor from OL fitted with a Rega RB300 rewired and 
polished by Johnny 7 at Audio Origami and an Ortofon 2M Black. This 
feeds a Musical Fidelity XLPS V3 phono stage whilst CD comprises a 
Cambridge CXC transport with Audiolab Q DAC. Along with the 
aforementioned preamp is an Audiolab MPWR feeding Spendor A5R speakers.

First impressions are extremely positive and immediately noticeable is 
the complete absence of hum from the phono input which was previously a 
persistent bugbear. The improvements wrought by Lee's modifications are 
in no way subtle-it is immediately obvious that the soundstage has 
opened up,spreading well beyond the plane of the speakers, whilst bass 
is noticeably better timed and with a solidity previously lacking. 
Similarly, detail has markedly improved and even with extremely 
familiar material, new aspects of the music have been conveyed for the 
first time. As Lee remarked in one of our phone conversations, these 
modifications will take time to bed in, just like speaker drive units 
and cartridges and I look forward to hearing Lee's work at it's best in 
a couple of months!

Lee has kept in touch with me throughout the course of the work and 
even gone to the extent of phoning me to check I was happy with his 
modifications. I can recommend him whole heartedly and feel sure that 
despite the cost involved even vintage gear such as the preamp I 
described can sound absolutely fantastic and represents great value for 
money. For many cash strapped audiophiles( such as me!) I think this is 
the way to go!

Thanks again, Lee!"
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Bob Leslie 09:11:34 12-20-2017