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Quad 66 CD & Preamp Upgrades (Stage 2)
Hi Lee,
Having given the CD player & preamp a thorough burning in over the weekend, with your interconnect between both, I have just had a revisit to see (hear) how it was going. Wow! I am both delighted and overwhelmed at how it sounds now. Right across the frequency range, everything is so much better - tighter, deeper base, sweeter high frequencies, and a more open midrange. Added to that, I am hearing subtle details that I hadn't before. I am very very impressed. 
    Also, I have done a direct comparison between your 1TP-S, and rather more expensive interconnects that I have. These were connected from the CD player directly to my headphone amp, so that nothing else would have any influence on the sound. I much preferred it to one, and it was at least on a par with the other, which is twice the price. So very well done for producing a high quality interconnect at such a price.
    As you can probably tell, I am absolutely delighted with what I am listening to now.
Kind regards, and many thanks.
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J Laidler 15:10:14 07-03-2017