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Marantz CD 94 MK2 / Quintessence Voltage Regulator
Hi Lee,
Just to let you know that the repairs to the Marantz CD94 are working fine and the Quintessence +5v Regulator upgrade has made an amazing difference. There is much more detail and it is far more open now. It seems to have brought out the best in the various previous "upgrades" you have done for me :-)
First chance I get I will let you have my Amplifier to go through as you suggested...!
All the very best
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Steve Bryan Chesterfield 08:48:05 11-07-2017
Audiolab 8000s Stage 2 Upgrade
It has transfromed my amp. The separation has markedly increased. Very pleased
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Chris Allen 15:27:17 09-01-2017
Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player Power Supply Repair
Doing business with Red Hill Audio is pretty easy! My CD player had suffered the hum problem, from decaying electrolytics in the power supply, and it was simply unlistenable to. I've had to change capacitors in my PC Monitors from about the same era, it is a common problem. The CD player is a four layer plated through pcb though and I wasn't confident my manual desoldering gun was up to the job. Red Hill repaired and upgraded the power supply and it performs beautifully again. My set up brings a smile to my face, I hadn't realised how much I missed it! The packaging on the return was excellent too! Highly recommended.
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Stephen Walker Ipswich 09:01:18 08-07-2017
Audiolab 8000a Upgrade - Stage 2 + Stage 2 Phono Stage Upgrade
Hi Lee,
I must say, the amplifier sounds really lush, the knobs work without distortion, the sound is to die for! The bass has improved as well as the mids and highs. My system now plays music! Wow! I can't wait to her what it sounds like after I get to the 300 hour mark!
Lee, I can't thank you enough! Thank you very much for this!
With Kind regards,
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James Lisk 08:28:33 07-04-2017
Quad 66 CD & Preamp Upgrades (Stage 2)
Hi Lee,
Having given the CD player & preamp a thorough burning in over the weekend, with your interconnect between both, I have just had a revisit to see (hear) how it was going. Wow! I am both delighted and overwhelmed at how it sounds now. Right across the frequency range, everything is so much better - tighter, deeper base, sweeter high frequencies, and a more open midrange. Added to that, I am hearing subtle details that I hadn't before. I am very very impressed. 
    Also, I have done a direct comparison between your 1TP-S, and rather more expensive interconnects that I have. These were connected from the CD player directly to my headphone amp, so that nothing else would have any influence on the sound. I much preferred it to one, and it was at least on a par with the other, which is twice the price. So very well done for producing a high quality interconnect at such a price.
    As you can probably tell, I am absolutely delighted with what I am listening to now.
Kind regards, and many thanks.
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J Laidler 15:10:14 07-03-2017
Pink Triangle Cardinal, Da Capo, PIP2

I have been seduced by the transconductance amplifiers (PIP, Integrale) and DACs (da Capo, Litaural) from Pink Triangle designers. These produce signals which bring out the best in certain British speakers. Despite 20 years since the loss of this company these high end products still have a distinctive sound. With the unique skilled and resourceful support from Lee at Red Hill Audio it is possible to extend equipment life and update to modern power supplies and components. My friends and family and constantly shocked by the musicality and detailed sound. A great source of pleasure!

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Alastair P Cumbernauld 18:07:58 07-01-2017
1TP SPS Interconnects

Hi Lee.

One thing I did do, was to swap my Chord Chameleon (not the warmest of interconnects) from CD to pre-amp, with your interconnect. Now that I was immediately impressed with. I lost none of the detail of the Chord, but got a much warmer, richer sound. I'm assuming that like the components you've installed, this will also benefit from some burning in time. So very well done for producing a quality interconnect at that price. Got a feeling that it is staying put where it is.

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J Laidler 16:29:32 07-01-2017
Pink Triangle PIP2 Preamp Upgrade & External PSU

Hi Lee. The Pip2 upgrade and external power supply sounds breathtaking - a great delight.

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Alistair P Cumbernauld 09:55:25 06-27-2017
Audiolab 8000s Upgrade - Stage 2

Hi Lee

I should have got back to you sooner to say how pleased I am with the upgrade - my excuse is that I've been too busy enjoying it. Positive feedback now left on eBay.



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James 08:41:38 06-21-2017
Audiolab 8000a
Dear Lee, 
I’ve been meaning to drop you a quick email to say thank you once again for fixing the old Audiolab amp. It arrived safely, carefully packed, and it is sounding fantastic and the RCA connections are solid. Very happy indeed with the service, and would recommend you highly. Best wishes for the future.
With kind regards,
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Peter Mundy 14:39:17 04-20-2017
Quad 405 II Stage 1 Upgrade

I hooked the upgraded Quad 405 2 up to my home system for fun yesterday. I had no idea just how radical a part the amp plays in the chain! My problem now is that I want to upgrade everything. The clarity and subtlety of sound is remarkable. I'm stunned. It's made me think again about how we listen to music and how important it is to stay true to the integrity of the original recordings.It's about getting the full emotional impact. The timbres within orchestral music and depth of sound are no longer averaged up and presented as a kind of classical sponge. Vocal harmonies are presented as layers and not blocks. Dynamics are effortlessly observed and expressed with breezy ease. It is a completely different experience of listening. There is an artistry in your work Lee.

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Dan Swift 08:27:03 01-19-2017
Arcam Alpha 9, 9p Amplifiers & 8SE CD Player Stage 2 Upgrade
Lee, just a quick note to say thank you for the work you carried out on my Arcam 9 / 9P amplifiers and 8SE CD player.  I'm only a few hours into listening to them but my CDs and vinyl LP's sound absolutely fantastic, there's a feeling of breadth and depth and accuracy to the music present now that wasn't there before - Arcam Alpha equipment had a reputation for over warmth, softness and flabbiness at times but that's certainly been dealt with.

I'm sure I would have had to spend many thousands of pounds to get a similar level of detail and precision if I was starting to build a system from scratch, instead you've breathed new life into my old equipment at a fraction of the cost.   

Really pleased with the outcome and I'm looking forward to more listening as the new electronics run in and hopefully improve the sound even further.    

Superb service and communication throughout and I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who may be looking to upgrade their vintage kit.  
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Robert Skilbeck Manchester 17:12:02 12-23-2016
Quad 306 Upgrade
hello Lee,

yes I am thoroughly impressed by the clarity and space around the instruments and voices, like clear water. 
I am extremely pleased with the upgrade, money well spent in my opinion. I have had my eyes and ears opened, and I am now convinced of the value of your service, will use again at some stage

thank you very much
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Colin 12:18:24 12-20-2016
Marantz 2238 Service/Upgrade
Hi lee,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the work on the Marantz receiver.

It’s definitely sounding better (more clarity at all frequencies but the bass lines in particular certainly bounce along nicely).

Very happy with it, so thanks again.


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Jim 11:25:38 12-14-2016
Arcam Alpha 8 & Alpha 9p
Hello Lee
I dont know what you have done to these amps but the music they are pushing out sounds absolutely amazing im actually hearing stuff i have never heard before. before the upgrades the sound from the amps  was very good (so i thought) so initially i was in two minds weather to go ahead with the stage 2 upgrades im well pleased i went ahead, money more than well spent i will be sending you the rest of my kit in the new year to be upgraded.
well done mate job very well done.
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Colin Maycock 09:47:33 10-17-2016
Audiolab 8000c Service & Upgrade

Hello Lee,

The Audiolab arrived last Friday and I have had a chance to burn the new components in and assess the results.  I do not ever turn it off so the cold start was a bit of a shock as it sounded awful for about half an hour but then the sound started to improve as it warmed up.
I had not appreciated the sound tailing off over the years but it's back to full health now thank you with detail and precision and the music is back.  The record player sounds much better with the M/C phono stage repaired.  
Thank you for your good communications and prompt turn around
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Michael Pavey 08:29:06 08-24-2016
Quad 405 Stage 1 Upgrade

Quad 405 amplifier sounds better now its more musical would recommend upgrade to everyone

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M Kabir 07:33:24 08-23-2016
Quad 34 upgrade stage 1+
OK so got the repaired & upgraded Quad 34 ,back from Red Hill audio and let it burn in Put it on and listened to the system properly for the first time with the new to me ELac fs208 speakers Pu t on the remastered cd of Copperhead Road Have now played the title track 7 times in a row. I am laughing at how ridiculously good it is. Thanks Lee
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Fred Gill East Yorkshire 16:36:50 06-30-2016
Quad Artera Stereo vs Upgraded 909

Hi Lee,

Thought I’d update you on my findings having auditioned the Quad Artera Play and Quad Artera Stereo when I compared them to the upgraded Quad 909 and Quad CDP Elite you did for me. The Artera stereo vs the Quad 909 was an easy one.......I’m keeping the 909. With your upgrade it completely blew the Artera stereo out the water in terms of openness and musical ability.  I kept the Artera Play and sold the Elite (someone got a bargain!!!) .  It was very marginal vs the CDP in terms of musical quality, but the extra facilities on the Play won the day.

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Phil Sanders 10:21:23 03-29-2016
Quad 306 Stage 1 Upgrade
Hi Lee

Ive been playing the quad 306 power amp after getting it back off you today, sounds really a lot better, clearer and its still got to run in!!!

Thanks a lot

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Steve Adcroft 18:16:05 12-30-2015
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