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Roksan Upgrades
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Roksan Kandy K2 Upgrade - Stage 1
Our Roksan Kandy K2 Upgrade - Stage 1 upgrades the power supply capacitors. The main smoothers and local decoupling & feedback are upgraded to a well-selected blend of Mundorf MLytic, Nichicon Muse and Elna Cerafine. ..
Audiolab 8000a Up...
Hi Lee,

James Lisk

Quad 66 CD & ...
Hi Lee,
Having given the CD player & pr ...»

J Laidler

Pink Triangle Car...
«I have been seduced by the transconductance amplifiers (PIP, Integrale) and DACs (da Capo, Litaural) from Pink Triangle designers. These produce s ...»

Alastair P Cumbern...

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