Quad Power Amplifier Upgrades

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  • Quad 405 Dual Mono PSU
    Quad 405 Dual Mono PSU Our Quad 405 Dual Mono PSU makes a big improvement to this fantastic amplifier. Bass grip, definition and control is improved along with clearer and better defines mids and treble. This version of the PSU is designed to be a direct replacement for the simple, two-capacit..
  • Quad 405 Transformer Replacement
    Quad 405 Transformer Replacement Replace a buzzing/humming mains transformer with a high quality toroidal type. Comes with custom aluminium mounting bracket. High Current 300va Toroidal Transformer Custom Mounting Bracket Includes Fitting and Testing ..
  • Quad 303 Power Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 2
    Quad 303 Power Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 2 Quad 303 amplifiers are incredibly robust. The design is stable into any load and with our upgrades fitted is capable of stunning sound quality. The Quad 303 delivers good detail and great rhythmic drive combined with an almost valve-like fluid qualit..
  • Quad 306 Power Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 1
    A much under estimated little amp, the Quad 306 is a great performer even in standard form; punchy and more detailed than a standard 405 to these ears. With an upgrade applied however, it really is a great sounding amp. As always, replacing the ageing original electrolytic capacitors improves ..
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  • Quad 306 Power Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 2
    Stage 2 adds in more noise-reducing techniques, improves signal path capacitors to Mundorf MCap EVO Oil and improves the bridge components. The result: More detail, openness and clarity. Much more air & space around instruments. Deeper & warmer bass performance. Stage 2 Upgrade Addi..
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  • Quad 405 Upgrade - Stage 1
    The vintage Quad 405 is still a great sounding amplifier, combining the very best of Quads' legendary design skills and build quality. As with all old hi-fi though, the capacitors inside the Quad 405 will be getting pretty long in the tooth. Electrolytic capacitors really only have a lifespan of aro..
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