Quad 77 / 99 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 3

Quad 77 / 99 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 3

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Taking things even further, the Stage 3 adds three of our discrete low-noise voltage regulators for the main supplies. Again, this improves every aspect of the sound quality.

Stage 3 Upgrade

  • Massively improved power supply capacitors for improved power supply ripple/noise filtering
  • Improved power supply decoupling capacitors
  • Oscon SEPC Solid Polymer capacitors for digital supplies
  • Improved output opamps (LME49710HA)
  • Additional Power Supply Low-Noise bypass capacitors
  • Fidelity Audio C3 Clock
  • Fidelity Audio Clk-F Clock Supply Filter
  • Elna Cerafine capacitors for analogue supplies
  • 3 x Red Hill Audio Clarity-R Voltage Regulators
  • Red Hill Audio Claro Passive AC Filter
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