Quad 303 Power Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 2

Quad 303 Power Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 2

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Quad 303 Power Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 2

Quad 303 amplifiers are incredibly robust.

The design is stable into any load and with our upgrades fitted is capable of stunning sound quality. The Quad 303 delivers good detail and great rhythmic drive combined with an almost valve-like fluid quality.

With our upgrade applied, the Quad 303 gets cleaner, more detailed and has more air & space around instruments. The improved and additional capacitors remove more noise and ripple from the power rails improving every aspect of the sound. You get greater transparency and a cleaner sound which keeps you listening for long periods with no listening fatigue.

Incredibly fluid sound with much improved realism and detail.

Quad 303 Upgrade

  • Improved Low-ESR/ESL power supply smoothing capacitors
  • Elna Cerafine audio-grade electrolytic capacitors
  • Additional Film Capacitor decoupling added
  • Improved Output Capacitors
  • Output Capacitor Fim Bypass
  • Various improved signal path capacitors


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