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Puresound Upgrades
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Puresound A30 Upgrade
The puresound A30 amplifier was developed to meet the demand for an affordable Class A amplifier that would be compatible with all types of loudspeakers. The A30 is a line level integrated design that allows for the selection..
Quad 66 Pre Upgrade
Lee.Now that I have been listening over the last week, I have noticed an astonishing improvement to my Quad 66 pre amp. 

The noi ...»

Andrew ... South Y...

Audiolab 8000c Se...
«Hello Lee,

The Audiolab arrived last Friday and I have had a chance to burn the new components in and assess the results.  I do n ...»


Quad 405 II Stage...
«I hooked the upgraded Quad 405 2 up to my home system for fun yesterday. I had no idea just how radical a part the amp plays in the chain! My prob ...»

Dan Swift

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