Mission / Cyrus Upgrades

Mission / Cyrus Upgrades

Beginning with the original Cyrus 1 amplifier, all of the proceeding Cyrus hifi products respond wonderfully to our upgrades.

Send in your hifi now and once it is returned to you you'll be surprised at the improvements.

Some of the audible benefits are listed below.

  • More detail
  • Better definition
  • Smoother, more integrated sound
  • Deeper & wider soundstage
  • Improved bass - weight, control & depth
  • Much better tonality
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Cyrus 1 /2 Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 1
Once upgraded your Cyrus 1 or 2 amplifier will produce more detail, have more midrange and treble openness and deliver a fuller and more textured bass. Our Stage 1 upgrade replaces all electrolytic capacitors with better s..
Cyrus 1 /2 Amplifier Upgrade - Stage 2
Stage 2 upgrading your Cyrus 1 or 2 amplifier brings bigger dynamics, more grip & control and improved definition. The bass has better texture, vocals become more realistic and open and treble is more extended, sweeter..
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