Micromega Upgrades

Micromega Upgrades

Micromega have been building top quality hifi for a very long time.

Here we offer a growing range of internal upgrades to improve the sound quality of these classic machines.

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Micromega Stage 5 Upgrade Stage 1
With our Micromega Stage 5 Upgrade Stage 1 applied, the already very detailed sound becomes fuller, warmer and more natural. With far more detail throughout the frequency range, a fuller bass and more natural, realistic te..
Audiolab 8000a
Dear Lee, 
I’ve been meaning to drop you a quick email to say thank you once again for fixing the old Audiolab amp. It arrived saf ...»

Peter M...

audiolab 8000c pr...
«Been talking to lee now for around a year about improvements. I've allways been sceptical but decided to go for the max upgrade the full monty if ...»

matthew n Nuneaton

Arcam Alpha 8 CD ...

Since receiving the kit we have had it burning in.  Even 2 days later it sounds better and better and better.  We are very ...»


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