Audiolab 8000c Preamp Stage 1 Upgrade

Audiolab 8000c Preamp Stage 1 Upgrade

Product Code: Audiolab 8000c Preamp Upgrade - Stage 1
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The Audiolab preamp design has remained almost unchanged since the first edition.

Due to the heat generated by the voltage regulators, the liquid-filled electrolytic capacitors fitted both in the power supply and signal path gradually dry out and eventually fail.

This drying out has a detrimental effect of sound quality, reducing dynamic impact and muddying the mid-range and delicate treble signals. You may not notice the slight edginess and lack of air and space around the top end - until it's gone!

Sound quality is dramatically improved by upgrading components both in the power supply and signal path. We fit superior quality components than the original parts which allow your preamp to reproduce much more realistic texture and detail.

Our upgrades begin by addressing the issues to release the hidden potential of this design.

Our Stage 1 upgrade includes:

  • Replacement of the main power supply electrolytic capacitors to Mundorf MLytic
  • Local decoupling capacitors are added. These are the new Elna Cerafine
  • Signal path capacitors upgraded to solid-film types rather than the sound-degrading electrolytic types fitted as standard
  • Phono stage upgrades also available
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