Arcam irDac Power Supply

Arcam irDac Power Supply

Brand: Fidelity Audio
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NEW and IMPROVED DC linear power supplies.

Improved Fidelity Audio SPower HC low noise voltage regulation circuit with improved circuit design over previous incarnations.

Housed in a high-quality quality Gloss Black ABS chassis with EMI / RFI shielding on the inside. Audio Wire 1TP silver plated copper cable is used internally and also between PSU and your device.

Arcam irDac Power Supply

  • SPower HC low noise voltage regulation
  • Super-thick Silver Plated OFC Internal & external cabling
  • High Quality Circuit Board
  • Optimised Layout for low-noise and fast response
  • Mundorf MLytic AG Low-ESR Capacitors
  • Huge transformer for improved regulation
  • High Quality Heatsink to ensure long life and high-reliability
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