HiFi Upgrades

HiFi Upgrades

HiFi Upgrades

Using our hifi upgrades to improve your existing equipment is a fantastic route to high-end sound. Improved power supply arrangements using improved components combined with our modules bring large gains in transparency, detail & smoothness.

We use a combination of our own discrete, very low-noise voltage regulators, passive filter modules and the finest components to upgrade amplifiers, cd players, dacs, streamers etc for an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Almost anything can be upgraded, please get in touch for further details.

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HiFi Upgrades

Quad Artera Stere...
«Hi Lee,

Thought I’d update you on my findings having auditioned the Quad Artera Play and Quad Artera S ...»

Phil Sa...

Quad 909 Power Am...
«Just a short message to say how pleased I am with the amp. It now sounds very clear and detailed, I am delighted.»

Tim Scott Skipwith

Quad 405-2 stage ...
«Hi Lee, must say that the upgrade was far more significant than I expected. As it was over 30 years old,and had not been serviced in that time,I w ...»

Fred Gill East Yo...

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