Headphone Amplifiers

Headphone Amplifiers
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Fidelity Audio HPA-100
Fidelity Audio HPA-100 "Fidelity Audio headphone amplifiers embrace our philosophy of using only the finest passive parts and outstanding power supplies coupled with a simple unfettered audio path. Designing with this phil..
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Fidelity Audio HPA-200
Fidelity Audio HPA-200 Building on the many strengths of the HPA-100, the 200 utilises meatier power supplies and top-of-the-range voltage regulation. The power transformer’s capacity is raised from 15VA to 30VA and in pla..
Marantz CD 94 MK2...
Hi Lee,
Just to let you know that the repairs to the Marantz CD94 are working fine and the Quintessence +5 ...»

Steve B... Chester...

Audiolab 8000s St...
«It has transfromed my amp. The separation has markedly increased. Very pleased»

Chris A...

Arcam Alpha 9 CD ...
«Doing business with Red Hill Audio is pretty easy! My CD player had suffered the hum problem, from decaying electrolytics in the power supply, and ...»

Stephen... Ipswich

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