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«Quad 405 amplifier sounds better now its more musical would recommend upgrade to everyone»

M Kabir

Audiolab 8000p Upgrade Stage 2

Audiolab 8000p Upgrade Stage 2
Audiolab 8000p Upgrade Stage 2
Product Code: Audiolab 8000p Upgrade - Stage 2

The Audiolab amplifier design has remained almost unchanged since the first edition.

The design is a good one, held back by poor quality components both in the power supply and signal path. You may not notice the slight edginess and lack of air and space around the top end - until it's gone!

Our upgrades begin by addressing these issues to release the hidden potential inside your amplifier.

Audiolab 8000p Upgrade Stage 1

  • Upgrade main power supply electrolytic capacitors to large capacitance Mundorf MLytic
  • Local decoupling capacitors are upgraded to the new Elna Cerafine
  • Signal path capacitors upgraded to Silver Mica
  • Key power supply filter capacitors upgraded to Panasonic PPS types
  • 6x Red Hill Audio Mini-Shunt Low Noise Voltage Regulators
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