Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 1

Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 1

Product Code: Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 1
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With our Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player Upgrade - Stage 1 applied, this cd player produces superb sound.

We begin by addressing the real achilles heal of this player in stock form: The power supply. The original transformer is under-sized, causing the voltage rails to sag under load. This affects the sound quality, producing a ploddy, and muddled sound when the music gets busy. To combat this we fit a new transformer for the main analogue & DCS Ring Dac Board power supplies. We then add two new power supply circuit boards which allow the use of the excellent Mundorf MLytic smoothing capacitors.

The end result is a huge increase in clarity, bass depth & tonality and a more separated and natural sound across the whole spectrum.

Our Stage 1 upgrade includes:

  • 2 x Power Supply Circuit Boards (PCB's)
  • Replacement of the main power supply electrolytic capacitors to Mundorf MLytic
  • Low-Noise Schottky rectifier diodes
  • Local decoupling capacitors are upgraded to the new Elna Cerafine
  • PPS bypass capacitors added to improve high-frequency performance
  • New large toroidal transformer for analogue supplies
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